Internal Pressure is a body of work that explores anxious and confused states of mind.  I am interested in how the loss of an individual's presence and grounding allows perceptions, structures and boundaries to slip and become confused.

The work starts with searching for objects that have resonance with such experiences.  The objects I find are often dirty, unsavory, unrecognisable in form, and invested with bodily and medical references.

I then begin a process of making, where I create assemblages through linking together the different objects to form mini dysfunctional systems.  I merge these constructions or ready-mades with portraits of myself and photograms using hand printed photographic processes that reveal the marks of their making.

Where the ephemeral photographic image meets the raw physicality of the object a transformation occurs; the surface coherence of the photograph breaks down allowing the borders of traditional photographic portraiture to open out into an expression of internal states.